Life .. الحياة

coffee morning , mornings, morning vibes, apple , قهوة ، قهوه ، صباح، نشاط ، صباحات، حيوية

” الحياة لا تعطينا كل ما نحب .. ولكن من نحبهم يعطونا الحياة .. “


“Life does not give us everything we love .. But those we love give us the life ..”


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  1. Wejdan Az says:

    Yes, loved ones, nature, and self conscious are what make us happy and alive 🌸

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    1. onlydalya says:

      You are one of the people who made my day 🙂 I like to see you around …

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  2. Wejdan Az says:

    Much love 💜💜

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